A Little Bit About Us

Helium was created by the team at Creative Science Labs.

An extensive website redesign can be an expensive and time consuming process. For nonprofits which have large budgets, the staff to support such a process and the need for a highly customized site – this approach makes sense. However, there are many nonprofits which operate on a limited budget, do not have a need for a highly customized website but still require a strong web presence. In an effort to provide a solution to this segment of the market, CSL is proud to announce Helium.

Helium is a new product offering by Creative Science Labs which is intended to cater towards those nonprofits operating on a limited budget. CSL has spent countless hours streamlining the back end development of websites onto their propriety technology platform, Helium. Creative Science Labs has identified common core features needed across all common websites such as; social feeds, blogs, web forms, about us information, impact, etc. Instead of building these features from the ground up for each website, CSL has bundled these together as a package and therefore can now offer these core components at a low price point.

CSL offers Helium as a month to month subscription allowing companies on a tight budget to have a beautiful new web presence without the high one time cost of a custom web build. In addition, as new features are released Helium subscribers will have full access to these.